Sunday, April 2, 2017

Just a little sample of things to come...

Our first release in far too long. Saw this doujin online recently and decided why not bump it up on the priority list to celebrate Persona 5's upcoming release (although I've already had the game for months now). Get it here or on our doujinshi page. Enjoy! As stated earlier, we are looking for editors to speed up our release process.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Nicchi-Scans is currently hiring editors

My how time flies. Between getting myself a fairly cushy new job, building my own gaming rig and a zillion other things, I just wasn't able to dedicate time to NS until fairly recently. I have a slew of announcements and scripts ready but the problem is I need editors since Necro has mostly retired from editing again. I'm looking for probably 2-3 people to handle the pile of scripts I've written up the past year. Truth be told, I can do editing myself now but I'm still working on doing text-over-art well and things would get put out much faster if I had someone else doing the editing for me. Requirements basically are:

  • Proficiency at editing text-over-art.
  • Willing to edit material that is mostly porn. If you can't handle this, I have some non-ero stuff I'm planning on releasing but only about 10% of our releases will consist of this stuff.
  • You don't mind doing editing for all sorts of loli material.
  • Being prepared to deal with whole volumes of manga or magazines. My output speed has increased a lot these past few years so this is why I want at least a couple of editors to deal with the constant stream of scripts I've been making.
If you're interested in editing for Nicchi-Scans or know somebody that would be, leave a comment here. FYI, we now have an RSS feed for blog posts and comments. I recommend using Feed Notifier along with the RSS feed to get informed about the latest updates here ASAP. We are also now posting our blog updates to Twitter.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Nicchi Scans is back!

Nope, I'm still not dead yet. And I've even got Necro back on board for editing. He brought this series to my attention about a week ago and we noticed nobody's really picked it up. I've been insanely busy since my last post moving back to the states and working but I finally got a chance to take somewhat of a break this summer.

I've realized now is a good time to get back into scanlating for a number of reasons. The main one being that obtaining raws is insanely cheap and easy now that you can get Kindle versions of volumes and magazines. I also need to keep myself sharp since I'm translating articles for a otaku news site now. Releases for this will be erratic since Necro and I will be chipping away at it whenever we have time. If we finish this first volume before the second is released then we'll just wait because it's probably not far off now.

All in all, I'm excited to get back into this and have a pile of stuff I want to translate. Keep an eye on this blog for all sorts of releases.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


So in December of last year I completed a two month project localizing a visual novel game. I still can't go into the details since last time I checked it still hasn't even been announced for release yet. It was an interesting experience that taught me a lot about the process. Recently I applied for another job with a translation service looking for freelancers and got accepted. Starting in April I'll be translating legal documents among other things.

My drive to return to scanlating is definitely coming back. I just need to ride out the last four months of my ALT job and then I can start devoting more time to it.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Oh hey...

So yeah, it's been awhile, hasn't it? I've started my third year with JET, but this is the end. I was honestly getting tired of this place anyway, so this is for the best. I am actually translating again, but this time as a freelancer. I can't go into the details since I can't legally say what it is I'm working on right now. Conan and I still communicate even now, but we haven't got anything that we're working on together at the moment. I have no doubt I'll return to scanlating some day, but now I'm busy with freelance work, my ALT job and studying.

It hadn't occurred to me until I discussed it with a friend, but I realized that I'm burned out on Japan. Nowadays I watch American TV shows and spend a lot of my free time watching crap online that usually has nothing to do with Japan. I still like anime and manga, but I've realized that I hardly ever look at it these days. I did see the new Madoka film in theaters recently and loved it. When I do finally go home, I'll probably become obsessed with it all again, but right now it just doesn't seem to interest me.

This is my second time living in Japan(my first being a a study abroad for a year). With an awesome salary I've managed to see pretty much the entire country over the course of these past two years. I improved my Japanese a lot, and I've done pretty much everything else I wanted to do here. Most importantly, starting my career as a professional translator. I've gotten all kinds of cool shit and had some awesome cultural experiences, but ultimately being around Japanese people and even some of the non-Japanese is exhausting. I'm counting the days, but I'll still enjoy my final year here as best as I can.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hey there. You've probably noticed that I've touched up the look of the blog a bit. What can I say? I'm a busy guy these days. A year just flew by when I wasn't looking. Anywho, I'm actually partially done with the first chapter of NTT. Hopefully I'll get this done before next weekend since I'll be away on vacation for three days then. Stay tuned.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


No I'm not dead. Although I wouldn't blame you guys if you thought that. I got distracted by various things and then got sick which delayed things even further. I did manage to finish Yellow Pop finally. You can get the final chapter at Conan's website.

I've decided to not do Stu-Hiro's new series Bakamatsu Alien. Quite frankly, after having read a few chapters of it, I've come to the conclusion that it's not very good :/ Nicchi-scans did well when it first started out by focusing on only one project anyway. NTT will be the only series I will work on. I will still occasionally do some other stuff like doujinshi or chapters out of a compilation I like. Any of the other stuff I talked about doing earlier has been put on the back burner for now. Tomorrow the site will be getting a cleanup of the links section. Hopefully I'll get around to actually doing the first chapter of NTT soon since it's been a year almost since I first announced the project.